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Think about your important business applications?
What happens if they crash, or worse get infected from a Virus?

For many businesses, critical applications pointedly affect revenues, customer satisfaction, and/or market share.

To guard them, you need a structure calculated around high availability - a structure designed to account for every factor of your infrastructure that may impact these business-critical applications.

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Even the best hardware currency can purchase is useless if your information is not secure. This is why our Backup Disaster Recovery Bronx NY plan is for everyone. Our systems are protected by firewalls and intrusion detection systems to halt security disruptions before they can even reach our servers.

  This means your data is safe. In addition, 24/7 monitoring and daily security audits of our systems ensure that our servers stay secure with the latest system updates.

If Your System Fails, Could You Recover?

Disasters do happen.  The question is, when something fails, will it be a temporary inconvenience or a business-shaking crisis?  When a hard drive crashes, can you be back in business in hours? If a natural disaster shuts your network down, can you recover every business critical application that day?

Data loss is one of the most talked about fears in business today. 
Since the information on your computer is practically your lifeline, let us help you take the necessary precautions. Simple steps to avoid data loss for your business can save you time, money and most importantly, the livelihood of your business.

The protective measures we “lock-in”, (literally), will put you at ease. For example, backing up your data, especially when upgrading your system, is the first step we take. We also make sure your most critical data files are kept safely off-site, whether at our data center or yours.

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  Where would your law firm be if you lost any critical files or documents for any length of time - or worse, permanently?

What if you couldn't do business because your network or servers went down These are worries you won't have when we store, manage, and protect your information against outages, crashes and disasters of any kind, natural or man-made - including potential spam and virus attacks. Your files, documents and data live safely in your own private Cloud at our secure data center. Call about our Backup Disaster Recovery -Bronx NY area. Should a loss, a disaster or attack occur, we have multiple ways to restore and/or recreate your critical information and files so you can remain up and running and provide uninterrupted service to your clients.

Legal Cloud Services prevents natural and man-made disasters from becoming computer and business disasters.

Backup Disaster Recovery Bronx NY

Resources To Ensure Uninterrupted Service

SSAE16 Type II certified featuring gigabit backbone networks utilizing multiple fiber Internet connections protected with a stand-by high-speed RF wireless solution providing uninterrupted service regardless of land-line feeds ensuring your data is available when needed.

A consistent supply of power is critical to Data Center operations. We provide this power to independently control uninterruptible power supplies that provide conditioned power to individual racks. The main power is backed up by a natural gas generator fed from a multi-million gallon storage facility located within 1 mile of our facility. In essence, the generator can provide power to the Data Center indefinitely.


  Services That Protect And Keep You Going

  • Replication
  • Off-site Back ups
  • Remote Office Space
  • Disaster Recovery consulting and best practices
  • 24x7 technical and customer support
  • Business Continuity
  • Guaranteed immediate response

We offer a full range of disaster recovery consulting services, practices, and solutions for your business to prevent many events, minimize any damage, and return your system to its full capabilities as soon as possible. We do disaster recovery right.

  Eliminate Your Computer and Printer Problems

  • Network down?
  • Printer offline?
  • VPN underperforming?
  • Email over capacity?
  • Overwhelmed by spam?
  • System under a virus attack?

We have designed many IT administration and support solutions specifically to solve all these problems and others. Growing organizations do face computer support obstacles like these.

We have already faced every obstacle and we know how to ramp your business back up to full efficiency.

Legal Cloud Services offers a highly secured data center that is compliant with SSAE16 Type II, (formerly SAS 70 Type II Certification) regulations. Call about our Backup Disaster Recovery -Bronx NY area.

With our 24/7 customer support services, immediate response is guaranteed and we'll stay focused on your needs until the problem has been resolved.

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