Websites for Law Firms

We offer everything you need in a website specifically created to help you better manage and grow your law practice:

Cloud Website Editing is the answer

The buzz word is out there and everyone is doing it.
CMS, Customer Management Systems
Now it's time for you to take the first step.

Because your private secure server will be part of the cloud, you will access your data from anywhere at any time.

Today users can work without knowing the location and other details of the firm's computing infrastructure. Private Cloud computing services and cloud storage deliver:

Unique Features for Websites for Law Firms:

  • Handle The Latest Designs with advanced scripting and more
  • Intranet & Extranet sites for managing Documents
  • Pre-built forms including Contact forms, Complaint forms, Payment forms
  • Unlimited storage for web pages and files
  • Download & Document Center for PDFs, brochures, and more
  • Get found online with integrated search engine optimization
  • Meeting Scheduler & Calendar included free
  • Password Protected webpages
  • Online Payments can be included with every package
  • Integrated Social Media on every page

Compatible with the Latest HTML, CSS & Code

Forget design constraints or weird coding requirements with Wordpress type programs.

Our Websites for Law Firms supports all the latest HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding techniques. eManagerSite will render it all perfectly. eManagerSite for Law Firms is built to support the latest and greatest technology, and is constantly changing and improving based on user feedback and market trends.

We take care of all this for you so you don't have to hire and pay webmasters or high priced IT consultants to do it or bear the expense of buying and maintaining on-site servers and other costly equipment for your website for law firms


  Secure Website Hosting

Highly secure, PCI compliant and just plain cool. That's Our Data Center! Gain the far-reaching advantages of the latest hosting technologies. Legal Cloud Services offers a highly secured data center that is compliant with SSAE16 Type II, for you website hosting.

Websites for Law Firms